24 hour access to computing and printing facilities are available to users with a valid ID/Library card

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There are over 100 PCs in the three computer rooms on Level 1 of Hunter Wing. These rooms are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are located next to the Library. They can be accessed via the glass door in the lift lobby of Level 1 Hunter Wing. You will need a valid ID/ Library card to gain access.

The large computer room is available at all times. H1.8 and H1.9 are available when not booked for teaching. Please check the plasma screen outside H1.8 for information.

You can get real-time updates of PC availability from: https://pcbooking.sgul.ac.uk


Computer access

To use the computers you will need a SGUL username and password. More details on who is entitled to access and how to obtain a SGUL login on the 'Access to Computers' page


The following software can be found on all machines:

  • Windows 7
  • Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus (includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher)
  • Internet access using Firefox (Version 34) or Internet Explorer (Version 11)
  • SPSS 21
  • Write-N-Cite (Version 4)
  • Inspiration 8 IE
  • Staden Package
  • EMBOSSwin


Printing and Photocopying

There are MFDs (multi-functional devices which incorporate printers, photocopiers, and scanners in one) available in the Library and in the computer rooms and you can release your documents on any of these. You must have an SGUL username and password to use the MFDs and have credit on your account to print or photocopy.

For SGUL students:

Your account balance can be checked and topped-up by using:

  1. The cash-loader in the main computer room. This accepts coins and notes but does not give change.

For NHS staff:

There is an NHS printer in the main computer room from which you can print for free if you are logged into one of the four NHS computers. If the paper has run out in the printer, please go to the Library Helpdesk.


Go to our All you need to know about Printing guide to find out about:

  • Printer locations
  • Printing from home and own device
  • Printing from SGUL email account
  • Printing from USB
  • Scanning to USB and email.


Cost of printing

Printing costs can be found on the portal on Central Printing Services FAQs page on the portal. (SGUL password required)



Scan-to-email and scan-to-USB is available on any of the printers in the Library and computer rooms. This will allow you to send your scanned document to your SGUL email address (not available to NHS staff) or save to a memory stick (available to all). This is a free service, ask at the Library Helpdesk if you need help.

Scan to email instructions 2017 - PDF

Scan to USB instructions 2017 - PDF


WiFi access

WiFi connectivity, via the Janet Roaming Service, is available in the Library and the Social Learning Space, just outside of the Library. Please note due to licensing restrictions, WiFi access is only available to university staff and students.  To find out how to access WiFi see our Help page.


Self-service laptops

We have 60 Dell laptops for use in the Library during opening hours. They are self-service and are available from the trolleys, located around the Library. Cables are provided at the helpdesk. Black and white wireless printing is available from the laptops. For further information, please speak to a member of staff at the Library Helpdesk.


Data Points

You can connect laptops, netbooks, or your own device directly to the SGUL network by using the ethernet cables (see image below). These are available in the Silent Study Spaces. Please note that you will still need a valid network login.


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