St George’s, University of London, has a long and rich history, dating back more than 250 years.

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Archives overview

The Archives and Special Collections is home to records which document the history, functions and development of both St George’s Hospital and the medical school. The collection also contains a rich selection of artefacts, artworks and rare books ranging from the 16th-21st century.

The Archives and Special Collections at St George's include, but are not limited to the following:


Medical school records

The Archive holds records which chart the development of the medical school from the very beginning. Records include maps and plans, student registers, school publications such as yearbooks, annual reports and prospectuses.

Minute books exist for a number of committees and bodies associated with St George’s hospital and the medical school. See our minute books research guide [PDF] for an overview of the volumes held and for a listing of the Medical School Committee Minute Books, dating from 1862-1945.

The Archive also holds a number of record cards of medical students and student nurses from the early 1900s onwards, often providing details of their training and examinations.


Photograph showing plan for the ground floor of the new St George's Hospital Medical School at Hyde Park Corner, c.1868



St George's Archive holds a large collection of photographic material depicting events and ceremonies, buildings, students, medical staff, nurses and other individuals. Photographs relate to the former St George's Hospital Group sites including:

  • St George's Hospital, Hyde Park Corner
  • Grove Fever Hospital, Tooting
  • Bolingbroke Hospital, Wandsworth Common
  • St James' Hospital, Balham
  • Victoria Hospital for Children, Chelsea
  • Atkinson Morley Hospital, Wimbledon
  • Tooting Bec Hospital, Tooting
  • South London Hospital for Women and Children, Clapham
  • Weir Maternity Hospital



Photograph showing the hide of Blossom the cow, used in Edward Jenner's cowpox experiment, mounted on the wall in the Robert Barnes Pathology Laboratory at St George's Hospital, c. 1907


Post-mortem records

St George’s Archive looks after a fascinating collection of post-mortem examinations and case books, dating continuously from 1841 to 1946. Please see our post-mortem and casebooks research guide [PDF] for further information relating to these records.


Rare books

There are a number of books which came from the original Medical School library at Hyde Park Corner in central London. The oldest book identified in the collection is written in Latin and dates back to the 16th century.



The Archive is home to a number of artefacts collected by the hospital and medical school over the years. This collection includes surgical instruments, medals, badges, and other fascinating items.


Photograph showing a 'Support a Bed' collecting box, raising money for St George's Hospital, 1936


Artworks and busts

The Archive has a growing collection of artworks, and busts of individuals associated with the hospital and medical school.


Materials held elsewhere

Please note that the majority of records relating to hospitals in, or affiliated to, the St George's Hospital Group are held at the London Metropolitan Archives in Clerkenwell. Related collections are also held at the Royal College of Surgeons.



A project is currently under way to organise and develop the Archives to make them more accessible to researchers in the future.

If you have an enquiry about information we might hold, or would like to consult items in our Archives, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that access to the Archive is by appointment only. Some archival items may have closure periods or be unfit for access for preservation reasons.


Gifts and donations

If you would like to discuss a possible donation to the Archive, please contact the Archivist, Carly Manson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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