IT Training workshops are available to all staff working in St George's, University London, the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, or NHS staff in South West London. All workshops are free of charge except to NHS personnel.

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Staff Word Workshops

Word - Produce Quick Reports- 1.5 hours

If you type letters, handbooks or reports, you can apply different formatting, page numbers and headers/footers. Using Styles allows you to be consistent with the formatting of headings and sub-headings. Styles are also used to produce a table of contents at the stroke of a button.

You will learn how to

  • Create & apply custom styles for consistent formatting
  • Produce a contents page for auto-updating
  • Label images and generate a table of figures
  • Insert different section breaks
  • Add different page numbering for different sections
  • Add different headers and footers to pages

Word - Collaboration or Track Changes - 2.5 hours

Track changes records every edit without making anything permanent. You can see the changes made and decide whether to accept or reject them.
Collaborating with multiple people can get confusing, because you have to deal with multiple copies of the document. You and other can on the same, original document, without making copies.

Be familiar with Word 2013 Tabs and Ribbon.

This session covers how to:

  • Understand Track Changes
  • Turn Tracking On and Off
  • Set Tracking Options
  • Show Revisions In Balloons
  • Show Revisions Inline
  • Switch Between Final and Revision
  • Specify What to Show
  • Display the Reviewing Panel
  • Accept Changes
  • Save a document to OneDrive
  • Share the document with co-authors
  • Open a document that is located on OneDrive
  • See who is editing the document
  • Review, accept and rejecting changes from other co-authors

Benefits of the course
If you are working on a document that needs to be edited and reviewed by others Word track changes or on-line collaboration feature will be essential. The corrector or reviewer can work through the document and accept or reject any changes.

Word 2013 - Working with Fields - 2.5 hours

Fields allows you to automate tasks and insert data in a document. They can be used to display key information that changes on a regular basis, such as the date that the document was updated, last printed, and for calculating numbers and creating special custom information. Fields are most useful when you need placeholders for data that might change in your document

You will learn how to:

  • Gain an understanding of field codes
  • Learn how to use document information fields
  • Learn how to show and hide field codes
  • Learn how to see fields in a document
  • Learn how to use formula fields
  • Learn how to convert fields to text
  • Learn how to update fields when printing
  • Learn how to print field codes
  • Learn how to lock and unlock fields
  • Learn how to use format switches
  • Learn how to use several useful examples of fields
  • Gain an understanding of the field dialog box
  • Gain an understanding of the available fields.

Benefits of the course

Inserting fields can give you control over dynamic text in your document.


Staff Excel Workshops

Excel Fundamentals - 2 hours

Whether you keep track of student movements, addresses, stationary or finances, this hands-on course will give you an introduction to the basic workings of Excel.

You will learn how to

  • Understand Excel terminology
  • Enter, edit, select, copy, and move data
  • Write simple formulas using plus +, minus -, multiply * , divide /
  • Use Excel basic functions
  • Delete and insert columns and rows
  • Format data
  • Print column headings on each page

Excel - Data Consolidation - 2 hours

Data Consolidation is the process of combining data from separate worksheets into one.
You can combine the data in a variety of ways, including calculating the total, average, maximum, or minimum figures.

This session covers how to:

• Understanding Data Consolidation
• Consolidate With Identical Layouts
• Creating an Outlined Consolidation
• Consolidate with Different Layouts
• Consolidate Data Using 3D SUM Functions
• Understanding Data Linking
• Link Worksheets
• Update Links between Workbooks

Benefits of the course
The data is in exactly the same layout as the source worksheets/books except that it has been summed and shows the grand total of the consolidated worksheets.

Excel Charts and Graphs: an Introduction - 1 hour

Excel has some excellent features for creating a wide variety of different charts and graphs to present data. You can either embed a chart in to a worksheet or create it as a separate chart sheet.

You will learn how to

  • Create and customise charts
  • Format charts
  • Update charts
  • Adding a data series
  • Charting non-sequential data
  • Alter the scale

Excel Pivot Tables - 1 hour

A Pivot table is a way to extract data from a long list of information and present it in a readable form. Pivot tables can be used to summarise, analyse, explore and present your data.

You will learn how to

  • Create a Pivot Table
  • Pivoting a Pivot Table
  • Create a Pivot Chart
  • Refresh a Pivot Table
  • Select elements of a Pivot Table

Statistics in Excel - 2.5 hours

This session is for those who want to use Excel to analyse data using descriptive statistical methods. This session will cover a range of methods using Excel built in functions and charts.

You will learn how to

  • Percentages and proportions
  • Organising data (Tables, Graphing)
  • Averages
  • Frequency
  • Count-if

Sharing and Protecting Excel Workbooks - 2.5 hours

You can create a shared workbook and place it on a network location where several people can edit the contents simultaneously.

Protection is applied to worksheets that are used frequently or by multiple users. Data in worksheets can be protected to prevent accidental deletion or modification or prevent users from entering data anywhere else in the worksheet.

You will learn how to:

  • Provide total access to cells
  • Protect a worksheet
  • Work with a protected worksheet
  • Disable worksheet protection
  • Provide restricted access to cells
  • Password protect a workbook
  • Open a password protected workbook
  • Remove a password from a workbook
  • Share a workbook
  • Verify and update links to other workbooks or documents
  • Edit a shared workbook
  • Remove a user from a shared workbook
  • Resolve conflicting changes in a shared workbook
  • Stop sharing a workbook


Staff PowerPoint Workshops

PowerPoint Essentials - 2.5 hours

If you want to produce professional and exciting presentations, this enjoyable and extremely useful workshop is for you.

You will learn how to

  • Create slides using design templates
  • Incorporate images into your presentation
  • Use the Drawing Tools
  • Use animation effects
  • Print slides
  • View your presentation


Staff Outlook Workshops

Outlook - Email Techniques - 2 hours

Outlook provides many options and techniques that you can use as you work with email messages. You will need to adopt/learn some of these techniques for managing your electronic mail more effectively.

This session covers how to:

  • Gain an understanding of some techniques you can use to effectively manage email
  • Learn how to recall a sent message
  • Gain an understanding of the various formats that can be used for messages
  • Learn how to change the message format for individual messages
  • Learn how to select a desired theme or stationery
  • Learn how to apply a theme or stationery to single messages
  • Learn how to turn off the outlook themes or stationery feature
  • Learn how to apply a theme to a new message
  • Learn how to save a message as a draft
  • Learn how to use a saved message
  • Learn how to send a message with voting buttons
  • Learn how to respond to a voting message
  • Learn how to track voting responses
  • Learn how to send automatic responses.
  • Learn about retention policy
  • Learn how to assign a retention policy to an email folder
  • Learn how to assign a retention policy to email messages
  • Learn how to obtain additional optional retention policies
  • Learn how to remove a retention policy

Benefits of the course

Get up to speed with Outlook 2013 new features


Staff Project Workshops

Microsoft Project 2013 Introduction

Microsoft Project 2013 is a project management tool that is designed to support any projects large or small. It helps users to plan by defining how long the project will take, the resources needed, assign tasks to workers, visualising a project, and managing a budget.

You will learn how to

  • Creating a New Project
  • Creating a Manually Scheduled Task
  • Creating an Automatically Scheduled Task
  • Linking Tasks
  • Creating a Summary Task
  • Updating Task Progress
  • Adding a Work Resource
  • Changing a Resource’s Work Hours
  • Assigning a Resource to a Task
  • Changing a Project’s Work Hours
  • Setting a Scheduling Constraint
  • Assigning Multiple Resources to a Task
  • Creating a Work Exception

Benefits of the course

You will know the fundamentals of Microsoft Project 2013, what it is and what you can do with it to assist your project.


Microsoft Office Drop-in

MS office dropin 2016

IT support is offered to assist in the use of Microsoft Office 2010 on a drop in basis.

Tuesday and Thursday 11am - 1pm

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IT Trainer in the Library

The IT trainer offers group or one-to-one tailored tuition and support onsite in Microsoft Office® applications.

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