We provide free downloadable Microsoft Office training manuals with exercises and flexible web based learning.


New Microsoft Office Training manuals

Please note, these files are password-protected. You will be redirected to the Portal pages where you will be required to log in with your SGUL credentials.

Word - Adding page numbers to landscape pages

Word – Reports quick sheet

Word - Building Blocks - zipped folder

Excel – Add or subtract time

Excel - Gantt Chart

Excel - Sharing and Protecting Data - zipped folder

Excel - Functions

Excel - Referencing

Intro PowerPoint quick sheet


How to unzip folders to access documents.

  1. Save the zipped folder.
  2. Right click when hovering over the folder and select 'Extract all' or 'Extract files' to begin process.


If what you want to learn is not available please let us know.

Free downloadable Microsoft Office 2010 training materials

Please note, these files are password-protected. You will be redirected to the Portal pages where you will be required to log in with your SGUL credentials.

Microsoft Access 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010

Master Documents


Tracking Changes

Outlook 2010 Colour Categories - Learn how to assign a colour category to a group of interrelated items − such as messages, contacts, notes, appointments, so that you can easily access or organise them.

Free flexible web-based learning

You can get flexible web based-learning on: Management, Office 2010 and Office 2013 (details of what you can learn below).

To access the web based learning materials, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting what you wish to learn.

You get 3 months access to each set of learning materials, which can be extended if needed.


Management Training

management training image

Management Training will assist you in developing some essential skills, or prepare you for the profession. It covers 5 subjects.

  • Business Strategy
  • Motivation and Teamwork
  • Performance Management
  • Planning and Organising
  • The Five Principe of Business Leadership


MS Word 2010

Basic - Create a new document, insert and edit & formatting text, copy and move data, insert images within a document. Use the spell check, printing preview and saving a file.

Intermediate – Insert and format a Table, add headers and footers, insert sections, symbols, hyperlinks, Smart Art, Track changes, Create address labels, using the Go to function, Find & replace tool.

Advanced - Mail merge and forms, add a water mark, Footnotes, insert an Excel worksheet, Digital signatures, updating the table of contents, insert a cover page


MS Word 2013

Basic - Create a new document, enter, amend & formatting text, copy and move data, Navigation & selection techniques. Page Layout, Use the spell check, printing preview and saving a file, Bullets & numbering lists, Insert and format a Table.

Intermediate – Quick Parts, Section Breaks, Insert Headers & Footers, Styles, table of Contents, Cover page, Inserting Images, SmartArt, Style set & Themes, Inserting symbols, Borders 7 Shading, Tables & Columns

Advanced - Mail merge and creating forms, add a water mark, Track Changes & Comments, Protect a document, Create forms, Macros, user Accounts , Footnotes & Endnotes


MS Excel 2010

Introduction - Create a spreadsheet and input data. Create simple calculations, Summing cells, change page orientation, insert an Image, edit, delete, move, copy and manipulate data, format spreadsheet and printing, insert a pivot table


MS Excel 2013

Intermediate – Create a Sparkline, filtering data, name a range, AutoSize columns, Editing Formulae, Formula Auditing, calculate the average, Sorting, Freeze Panes, Create a chart, Scenarios, Changing Chart type, Merge & Centre

Advanced – VLOOKUP function, Paste special (Transpose Values) Working with XML Data, Import test, Delete Duplicate Data, Conditional formatting, Password protect a Workbook.


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