SORA (St George's Online Research Archive) is SGUL's open access institutional repository. It holds details of the publications written by researchers at SGUL. Copyright permitting, the full text is also made available to the public.

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In summary, the CRIS records bibliographic data of all research published by SGUL’s researchers, and SORA makes the research available to anyone who wants to access it.


Full text publications placed in the repository are subject to copyright law. After a researcher uploads their full text into the CRIS, SGUL’s Repository Team will check the copyright status before making it publicly accessible, taking every step to ensure that breaches of copyright do not occur.

For more information, see the SORA FAQs

SORA Licence for research papers

The terms and conditions for uploading research into SORA are available on the SORA Licence page.

How to upload full-text into SORA

Uploading research into SORA is done via the CRIS. A step-by-step video guide to uploading research is available via the Help tab in the CRIS.


For information on the policies governing SORA content and how it is maintained, please see the policies page

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