Instructional six second Vines and videos are available.

Vines list


Youtube videos list  (all videos are subtitled)


How to find the Printer/Photocopiers in the Library

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How to take out books on the self-service machines

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Returning Library books

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Finding the Research Enquiries Desk

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Youtube Videos 

Below are videos on how to use Hunter to find articles, e-books and books.  These are taken from Library StART - St George's Assignment Resources Toolkit  where we have more information on how to get started with your assignments.

 Finding and viewing articles in Hunter

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Using Hunter to find e-books

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Using Hunter to find print books

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Placing holds on books

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Registering for an OpenAthens account

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Use SGUL libguides to get started with using the library for research and more.

Curated collections - Wakelet

We've put together resource collections on topics such as 'Women and Leadership', 'Health and Wellbeing' and 'Nursing Resources'. Find them at: