Our Library and Learning Services Goals



Customer Services:
We will provide you with high quality user-centred services which recognise your diverse needs
  • Working closely with students, staff and researchers to better understand what you need
  • Carrying out an annual survey
  • Carrying out the NHS Library Quality Assurance Framework evaluation annually
  • Collecting and publishing statistics to demonstrate our KPIs and service standards

Content & Digital Infrastructure:
We will develop and enhance access to high quality, reliable resources, by providing you with the right content at the right time
  • Harnessing the most effective technologies to improve access to online resources
  • Investing in electronic resources
  • Promoting access to resources on mobile devices where appropriate
  • Keeping you up to date with new resources we have invested in
Liaison & Communication:
We will enhance communication between the library and its users and potential users
  • Communicating with you using appropriate tools
  • Attending institutional level committees, course committees, NHS groups and research committees
  • Convening the Learning Resources User Group as a forum to discuss future needs and possible changes
Teaching, Learning & Workplace Support:
We will provide you with support, so that you can get the most out of Library & Learning Services and achieve your academic, research and workplace goals
  • Giving you the opportunity to learn how to use the tools and resources in hands-on, interactive sessions
  • Offering embedded Information Literacy training for students
  • Offering 1:1 support where necessary or visiting you in your workplace if appropriate
  • Providing support materials online
  • Staffing an enquiries desk in the Library to help with more complex problems
Research Support:
We will support the Institution’s research agenda by enhancing the development of research systems, services and support
  • Supporting the implementation of efficient systems to help with Open Access and Research Data Management compliance
  • Digesting funder mandates and communicating the implication to the wider community
  • Training and supporting you in making the best use of Open Access and Research Data Management systems
Learning Environment:
We will create inspirational physical and virtual learning environments to meet your evolving needs
  • Supporting the implementation of a new VLE and ensuring that the resources are up to date
  • Developing physical learning spaces that meet your needs
  • Bidding for funding to improve spaces
Collaboration & Partnerships:
We will support the Institution in developing fruitful collaborations with local, regional and international partners
  • Working closely in partnership with the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education
  • Working closely in partnership with our local NHS Trusts
  • Working closely in partnership with international ventures
  • Working closely with Kingston University
  • Developing other useful relationships (Jisc, Sconul, M25 etc)
We will encourage and develop our staff to acquire the skills needed to achieve our goals
  • Identifying the best staff to fill new posts
  • Considering succession planning to meet future staffing needs
  • Offering opportunities for training and development
  • Carrying out regular personal reviews

Last Updated: Thursday, 02 March 2017 14:18

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