Office 365 - Office Message Encryption (OME)

When you need to protect the contents of an email message, you can encrypt it using Office Message Encryption (OME).  You can send and receive encrypted email messages between people inside and outside of St. George’s

What is email encryption?

Office Message Encryption (OME) is a service that lets you send encrypted email to people inside or outside St. George’s regardless of the email provider. For example: Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and companies email clients.

Only the recipient can read and reply to the email sent. You can use it to stop a recipient from forwarding or printing an encrypted message. Email message encryption helps to ensure that only intended recipients can view the contents of the message.

Why should you use Office Message Encryption (OME)

You may want to share a confidential document for the purpose of sharing or collecting information, but you are apprehensive on how secure the contents will be.

Encryption types and what they mean:

  • Unrestricted Access - these can be sent to anyone*
  • Do Not Forward - this can be sent to anyone but the recipient cannot forward, print or copy content of the message*
  • George’s University of London - Confidential - can onlybe sent to SGUL recipients who can open it, reply to it, modify the content but, cannot forward, copy or print it
  • George’s University of London - Confidential View Only - can onlybe sent to SGUL recipients who can open it but cannot reply, forward, copy, print or otherwise modify it

*This is seamless for SGUL accounts. Gmail, and Yahoo users are verified by their respective logins. Users of other email clients will get a passcode.

How to use Office Message Encryption (OME) Outlook Desktop Windows/Mac

image001       image002
  1. In the message you are composing click Options.
  2. Click Permission and select the permission that you want to enforce.
  3. Type your message and then click Send.


How to set Office Message Encryption (OME) Outlook Web App (OWA)


Information and Resources:

An overview of Office Message Encryption (video)

Office 365 Message Encryption

View protected messages on your Android device

View protected messages on your iPad or iPhone


image003Office 2016 on personal computers

As a University member you are able to download and install Office 2016 on up to 5 personal devices.

Please note installations for students will expire after study is completed.

•  View the guide to find out how to install and manage the software.


Teams gives instant access to everything working groups need in one place. You can have instant chats or video conversations, upload and share content and integrate with other tools or third party apps all in Microsoft Teams . You can create or be a member of multiple teams, all you need is a St. George's username and password.


Microsoft Forms allow you to create forms, surveys and quizzes to share with others to fill-in via the internet. Forms has built-in analytics so you can evaluate responses as they come in and can be easily exported to Excel for analysing or future reference.



Planner allows you to schedule and assign tasks to group members and track progress to completion all in a few easy steps. It also integrates with other Office 365 apps like OneNote, Outlook and SharePoint.


Yammer is a St. George's private social network that helps you get connected to other members at St. George's and share information. Only University members can join, so your communications on are secure and visible only to people within our organisation. Yammer gives you the opportunity to join groups or topics relevant to your interests or activities. You can also follow peers and teams and get their updates delivered right to your feed in real time.

•  Getting started with Yammer

•  Yammer guided tour (video)


Sway is a digital storytelling canvas with a variety of visual tools. You can add images, audio, video and other content like YouTube and Facebook on a Sway. You can make your Sway public or provide a link only to selected people.

Further information

•  Sway essential training on 

image013Class Notebook

As well as creating personal OneNote notebooks Office 365 provides an app for creating class notebooks for using with students. When you create a Class Notebook you get:

  • Student notebooks - this is a private notebook that is shared between the teacher and student.
  • Content Library - a notebook for teachers to share materials with students. This is read-only to students.

Collaboration space - a notebook for all students and teachers to share, organise and collaborate.

Further information

Training 2

Research at St George’s investigates and develops new, pioneering methods and treatments to improve health at a local, national and international level with a growing portfolio of collaborations in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

We provide free downloadable Microsoft Office training manuals with exercises and flexible web based learning.


New Microsoft Office Training manuals

Please note, these files are password-protected. You will be redirected to the Portal pages where you will be required to log in with your SGUL credentials.

Word - Adding page numbers to landscape pages

Word – Reports quick sheet

Word - Building Blocks - zipped folder

Excel – Add or subtract time

Excel - Gantt Chart

Excel - Sharing and Protecting Data - zipped folder

Excel - Functions

Excel - Referencing

Intro PowerPoint quick sheet


How to unzip folders to access documents.

  1. Save the zipped folder.
  2. Right click when hovering over the folder and select 'Extract all' or 'Extract files' to begin process.


If what you want to learn is not available please let us know.

Free downloadable Microsoft Office 2010 training materials

Please note, these files are password-protected. You will be redirected to the Portal pages where you will be required to log in with your SGUL credentials.

Microsoft Access 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010

Master Documents


Tracking Changes

Outlook 2010 Colour Categories - Learn how to assign a colour category to a group of interrelated items − such as messages, contacts, notes, appointments, so that you can easily access or organise them.

Free flexible web-based learning

You can get flexible web based-learning on: Management, Office 2010 and Office 2013 (details of what you can learn below).

To access the web based learning materials, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting what you wish to learn.

You get 3 months access to each set of learning materials, which can be extended if needed.

MS Word 2010

Basic - Create a new document, insert and edit & formatting text, copy and move data, insert images within a document. Use the spell check, printing preview and saving a file.

Intermediate – Insert and format a Table, add headers and footers, insert sections, symbols, hyperlinks, Smart Art, Track changes, Create address labels, using the Go to function, Find & replace tool.

Advanced - Mail merge and forms, add a water mark, Footnotes, insert an Excel worksheet, Digital signatures, updating the table of contents, insert a cover page


MS Word 2013

Basic - Create a new document, enter, amend & formatting text, copy and move data, Navigation & selection techniques. Page Layout, Use the spell check, printing preview and saving a file, Bullets & numbering lists, Insert and format a Table.

Intermediate – Quick Parts, Section Breaks, Insert Headers & Footers, Styles, table of Contents, Cover page, Inserting Images, SmartArt, Style set & Themes, Inserting symbols, Borders 7 Shading, Tables & Columns

Advanced - Mail merge and creating forms, add a water mark, Track Changes & Comments, Protect a document, Create forms, Macros, user Accounts , Footnotes & Endnotes


MS Excel 2010

Introduction - Create a spreadsheet and input data. Create simple calculations, Summing cells, change page orientation, insert an Image, edit, delete, move, copy and manipulate data, format spreadsheet and printing, insert a pivot table


MS Excel 2013

Intermediate – Create a Sparkline, filtering data, name a range, AutoSize columns, Editing Formulae, Formula Auditing, calculate the average, Sorting, Freeze Panes, Create a chart, Scenarios, Changing Chart type, Merge & Centre

Advanced – VLOOKUP function, Paste special (Transpose Values) Working with XML Data, Import test, Delete Duplicate Data, Conditional formatting, Password protect a Workbook.


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We face-to-face training in Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook with an experienced IT Trainer.


Where do the Microsoft Office workshops take place?

Most courses take place in the Library Training room 1st floor Hunter wing. All course confirmation will come with the date, time and place of the workshop.

You don't offer the training I need, what should I do?

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will discuss your training needs.


Access and eligibility

Who are the workshops for?

All workshops are for University staff and students.

What should I do if I have to cancel my booking?

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to cancel and let us know if you wish to be booked on another date or course.


Making a booking

How do I make a booking?

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What if the course I want is fully booked?

Depending on your urgency to learn a manual can be sent for you to work through or you can arrange a 1-2-1 for 1 hour depending on your needs and knowledge of the application.

What if I can't make any of the available dates?

We will book you on the next date available or depending on your urgency to learn, a manual can be sent for you to work through or you can arrange a 1-2-1 for 1 hour depending on your needs and knowledge of the application.


Other information

What happens if IT Training have to cancel a course?

You will be sent an email of the cancellation and will be given an alternative date and time.

I still haven't had my question answered, how do I contact you?

We are based in the library 1st floor Hunter wing, you can also contact us by phone on extension 5662.

Do you provide 1-2-1 support?

Yes. Face to face, email or over the telephone.


IT support is offered to assist in the use of Microsoft Office 2013 on a drop in basis:

Tuesday and Thursday  11am - 1pm


Do you provide tailored IT training session for departments and individuals?

Yes. Contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone extension 5662 to discuss your requirements.

A selection of online tutorials and e-learning packages.

Medical and health related

Armando Hasudungan Biology and Medicine Videos
Extensive series of sketch note style Biology and Medicine videos created by Amando Hasudungan who started the series as a medical student.

Cell Signalling Biology
Describes the biology of cell signalling. The emerging information on cell signalling pathways is integrated and presented within the context of specific cell types and processes.

Clinical Skills Online
Online videos demonstrating core clinical skills common to a wide range of medical and health-based courses. From the e-Learning Unit at SGUL. A CSO Youtube channel is also available.

Cochrane Library
There are three Cochrane Library modules, scroll down to 'Online self-paced tutorials'.

Drug Calculations & Numeracy testing
Drug calculations quiz designed to assist in learning the principles of metric conversions, fluid dosage calculations, tablet dosage calculations and Intravenous drop rate calculations.

Medical Masterclass
Interactive Mock MRCP Part 1 and 2 Exams website
Ask at the Library helpdesk for a username and password. *Only available to medical trainees*

NEJM - Videos in Clinical Medicine - onsite access
Peer reviewed educational videos that demonstrate clinical procedures and physical examinations
For offsite access select "Log in via your institution" option. *Offsite access only available to SGUL staff and students*

The PubMed Tutorial is a Web-based learning program that will show you how to search PubMed, the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) journal literature search system.

St George's, University of London MOOCs
Check for online courses created by St George's University of London on the FutureLearn platform



Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics
Provides demonstrations for statistical concepts, case studies, basic statistical analysis tools and an online statistics book.
Developed by David Lane - Associate Professor of Psychology,
Statistics,and Management at Rice University, USA.

Khan Academy
A collection of video tutorials on statistics developed by Khan Academy.


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